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Onboard Communication: Internet & Apps

December 11, 2015 -- Communication options onboard cruise ships change almost daily. We'll be discussing what's new in the world on cruise ship Internet and app offerings.

  • Welcome to Cruise Critic Live! Each week, we'll take a look at all the things we love about cruising, from favorite destinations to amazing dining experiences, and we'll give you the inside scoop on the newest ships at sea and on the rivers. We'll also welcome outside experts to this space, including cruise line CEOs and newsmakers. And of course, we want to hear from you: What would you like to discuss?

    This week, we're catching up on all the latest information regarding Internet onboard cruise ships, as well as cruise line-specific mobile apps. We'll take your questions starting at 3 p.m. (EST) December 11.

    One lucky participant will be the winner of a Cruise Critic swag bag, so don't be shy. You have to ask questions to qualify.
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